IELTS - The Future

How will ... change in the future?

Nobody has a crystal ball to see the future, so it may be difficult to think of ideas!

Luckily, the BBC website has created a new section called BBC: FUTURE which contains articles, movie clips and audio files about the future. The content covers a whole range of topics from EDUCATION to HEALTH to TRANSPORTATION, and how they might change in the FUTURE.

These ideas, as well as the vocabulary and phrases used, can be useful for both WRITING and SPEAKING. Not only that, but you can also practise some LISTENING and READING skills too!

Here are some of the articles I think could be useful:

Future of Education (article) : Can technology kill off the exam?
Future of Transportation (article) : Can a city go car free?
Future Health (sponsored article) : Treating patients 3000 miles away
Future Transportation (video) : New design for electric scooters
Future Entertainment (slideshow and article) : Virtual Reality's Puke Problem

Hope you find it interesting and helpful!