10 Reasons To Start Your IELTS Preparation Now

Now is the time when a new academic year is starting and studying overseas seems a long way away. However, our advice is don't leave it too late to prepare for the test. Here's why:

1. Don't leave it too late

Panicking in May will put even more pressure on you!

2. Slow and steady wins the race

Like the turtle and the rabbit, regular practice will help you to master the skills you need.

3. Feedback

You need constant feedback to be able to improve. More time means you have more time for homework assignments.

4. Enjoy your studies!

If you take your time you can actually ENJOY studying IELTS. Read the newspaper with a cup of coffee. Chat (in English!) with friends or classmates over lunch.

5. Cover all of the question types

There are many question types for Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking in the test. More time to practise means you can cover all parts of the test. This means you won't get any nasty surprises in the real exam.

6. More time to consider your options

If you have more time to study, you will have more time to consider the best university and course that suits you.

7. IELTS is harder than you think

Even if your English is pretty good, IELTS is a harder test than you may be used to. You need time to prepare and practise whatever your level is.

8. Vocabulary and Grammar 

As well as knowing how to answer questions, you may need to review your grammar and vocabulary skills. It is very important to be accurate in the test to avoid making mistakes. More time to prepare means you can write and speak more accurately.

9. The first test is always the hardest

Not all students get the score they want the first time, especially if they need 7777 or a 7.5 overall. If you give yourself as much time as possible, you can review any areas you feel weak in before the next test.

10. Prepare for your studies

Although most student take the IELTS test as a requirement for study, remember that the test is designed to PREPARE you for your academic life overseas. The skills you learn during classes will help you in your later studies. The higher your score, the better your performance will be when you go abroad.