Application Documents留學申請及文件

At OakTree, we have been helping students to prepare documents for university applications for many years.

Did you know many universities now put application documents into Google to check that the document is original?

That's why we start from scratch for every student, taking each student on a case-by-case basis.

We have designed a special process to work together with you to produce the highest-quality documents possible to match the requirements of YOUR course and YOUR UNIVERSITY

We DO NOT use samples. Instead we work together with you to ensure you apply to your chosen university with documents which are written and presented professionally. 

In this way, we make sure that the information presented in the documents represents you in the best way possible and that you understand the content of the documents for any follow up interviews.

We have helped students applying to many prestigious universities including:
  • University of Oxford (UK)
  • University of Leeds (UK)
  • University College London (UCL)
  • UAL (UK)
  • Architecture Association (UK)
  • University of Sheffield(UK)
  • University of California,Los Angeles(UCLA,US)
  • University of Birmingham(UK)
  • Parsons Design School NY (US)
  • University of Manchester (UK)
  • Lesley University (US)
  • CT Bauer College of Business, University of Houston (US) 
  • And many more...

We have experience assisting with applications for courses in subject areas such as:
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Management and Marketing
  • Informatics and Computing
  • Linguistics and Literature
  • Art, Design and Architecture
  • Therapy, Psychology and Care
  • Nursing and Medicine
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