A Chicken and Egg issue

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

This is a brainteaser question with no real answer. We can use idioms like this to achieve a higher score for vocabulary in IELTS writing.

One example of a chicken and egg issue is electric cars. Without electric cars, companies won't build stations to recharge cars. Without places to recharge, people won't buy electric cars. Therefore it is an endless cycle, just like a chicken and an egg.

In IELTS, another 'chicken and egg' issue is which should you study first, vocabulary, reading or writing. They are all connected so why not try reading about an IELTS topic and identifying some useful vocabulary, then using them in your writing.

Continue for reading and vocabulary exercises...

Have a look at this recent article from the Guardian newspaper in the UK. 

Electric cars

Find the following vocabulary and phrases which may be useful when discussing the environment and/or transport.

investing in

the amount is minimal

pay dividends

market forces

given a true chance to succeed

the auto-industry


vested interest

a handful


a concerted effort

break a monopoly


Use a dictionary and the context in the article to understand the vocabulary and phrases. 

Then make example sentences to help you remember. Post them here and I will correct them for you!

Using vocabulary and phrases like this in your writing will improve your writing ability AND help you with your reading in the test.

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