IELTS Speaking Part Two

Making notes for Speaking Part Two

In the second part of the Speaking Test you have to make a short presentation for 1-2 minutes and are given 1 minute to prepare. You can make some notes if you wish. The notes are not used by the examiner.

Continue reading to find out more about the topics and how to make notes...

The Task
You are ALWAYS asked to DESCRIBE or TALK ABOUT something.

The TOPIC CARD will give you some suggestions for what to say. The examiner takes back the card when you finish speaking, so you can use the card AND your notes while you talk.

The topics can be divided into the following SIX GROUPS

1. A Person -    a teacher who inspired you
2. A Place   -      a place you remember from your childhood
3. A Thing  -      something you bought recently

When describing these topics you can use lots of ADJECTIVES.

4. An Event -   A holiday or celebration in your country
5. A Time -       A birthday you remember well
6. An Action - A hobby you would like to try in the future

When describing these topics you can use lots of ADVERBS

You can also see that TOPICS may ask you to talk about the PAST, PRESENT or the FUTURE.

Make sure you practice all six types in all three times.

In this part of the test it is important to do two things:

  1. Use lots of good vocabulary
  2. Keep going for the full two minutes

Every candidate is different, but it is important to have some strategy to make sure you do well.

One way you could try is to write down around ten GOOD vocabulary words in your 1 minute preparation time. Don't worry about spelling or grammar, just write the best words you can think of related to the topic.

Then try to use as many of the vocabulary words in the FIRST MINUTE of your presentation.

In the SECOND MINUTE concentrate on continuing to talk until your 2 minutes are up.

This strategy will make sure you use good vocabulary AND keep going.