IELTS Task One Writing - Process Diagram

Writing Task One - Process Diagram

The diagram shows the design of an airport terminal and the movement of passengers. Write a report describing the main features and making comparisons where relevant.

Write AT LEAST 150 words.

You should spend around 20 minutes on this task.

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Process diagrams often look quite tricky, but can are actually rather easy to describe. 

Introduction and Overview
Like ALL Task One Writing Tasks, you should start with an INTRODUCTION and an OVERVIEW.

When you plan, see if you can break the diagram into sections. Here there are two clear halves - ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES - so write a paragraph on each. Start at the beginning of each half (the CONCOURSE for DEPARTURES and the AIRCRAFT for ARRIVALS). Write two or three sentences for each "half" describing as many of the steps as possible (you can mention more than one step in each sentence).
There are also three other details to mention, LUGGAGE SCAN, TRANSIT LOUNGE, and ACCESS TO OTHER TERMINALS. Also try to to mention the route taken by the luggage.

Make sure you have a variety of grammar. Often with process diagrams you can include a mix of PASSIVE and ACTIVE sentences.


Once they have been checked in, the passengers enter passport control where their documents are checked by immigration officers.


After they leave the departure lounge and clear the gate, the passengers board the aircraft. 

Cohesive Devices
 Make sure you use plenty of connective language that shows the order of the steps.

first/initially         before       after      when      next      then            finally

You don't need to write a conclusion in Task One.