IELTS Writing : Task One REVIEW

If your test is coming soon, try reading this article for some quick review.

The article is from the Guardian Newspaper in the UK and reports crime rates.

Answer the following questions:

  • Did the crime rate go up or down overall?
  • When did the crime rate reach the highest point?
  • Specifically, which types of crime rose?
  • Which type of crime was different?
  •  Which VERBSare used to describe change over time?
  • Which ADVERBS are used with the verbs?
  • Which NOUNS are used?
  • Which ADJECTIVES are used with them?
  • Can you see any comparatives (more than) and/or superlatives (the most)?
NOTE: Use the language for change over time from this article, but there is no need for quotes or opinions or interpretation of the data in IELTS Task 1

Crime  in England and Wales fell sharply last year with an 8% drop recorded on police figures and a 5% reduction according to the official crime survey.
The crime rate has halved since it peaked in 1995 and appears to be at its lowest level for more than 30 years. The  statistics show that all the main categories of crime recorded by the police fell, with violence down 6%, robbery down 13% and burglary down 9%. The murder rate also continued to fall in 2012, down 4% from 577 to 552 homicides. Knife crime fell by 16%.

The only category to see an increase was theft from person, which rose 8% to 107,471 incidents. Police said the increase, was driven by a rising number of mobile phone thefts, sometimes by youths on bikes.
The crime survey for England and Wales, which interviews more than 40,000 people about their experience of crime, estimates there were 8.9m crimes in 2012. This is the lowest level since 1981 when there were 11m crimes. The police figures recorded 3.7m offences, which is the lowest on this measure since 1989.

Crime rose steadily from 1981 to 1991 before peaking in 1995. Subsequently, the crime survey for England and Wales showed marked falls up to the 2004-05 survey. Since then the rate of reduction has slowed with some fluctuation from year to year.

The text has been adapted slightly from the original article.