IELTS Writing: Investment in the Arts

Investment in the Arts

A common topic in the IELTS writing test is investment in the arts.
 (The arts includes dance, drama, music etc.)
You may be asked to:
  • describe advantages and disadvantages of spending government money on the arts 
  • to discuss different views related to arts investment and give your opinion
  • or to say whether you agree or disagree with investment in the arts.
It can be difficult to come up with ideas for this topic quickly in the test, so it helps to think about some ideas in advance.

An article in the Guardian newspaper from the UK details a recent report into the benefits of arts investment.

Continue reading for some extracts and task....

Reading and Summarising 

Here are some sentences from the article which you might want to think about when writing about this topic. 

  • Read the extracts from the article and identify the benefits of investment mentioned. 
  • Summarise them in one sentence in your own words.

 "In an age of austerity, when times are tough and money is tight, our focus must be on culture's economic impact."

Benefit: ______________________________________________________________

Culture plays a vital part in attracting tourism to the tune of £856m a year; arts centres and activities transform our towns and cities and drive regeneration, making the choice to maintain investment in culture a forward thinking one for local authorities; and the arts support the creative industries and improve their productivity."



3. _____________________________________________________________________

 The sector provides more than 110,000 jobs directly, about 0.45% of total employment in the UK. The figure becomes 260,300 jobs once the indirect impacts of arts and culture are added in.

 Benefit: ______________________________________________________________
 The report says there is much evidence to show that art and culture improves national productivity. "Engagement with arts and culture helps to develop people's critical thinking, to cultivate creative problem solving and to communicate and express themselves effectively."
 Benefit: ______________________________________________________________ 

Now read the whole article which is HERE. 

Can you think of any reasons AGAINST spending money on the arts?